"Self-Management - The Key to Effective Time Management; GA Association Medical Staff Services (GAMSS) -

Event Date: 
Friday, May 26, 2017
9:30 AM
Mercer Auditorium - Hoskins Center - Memorial University Medical Center
4700 Waters Avenue
Savannah, GA

Time management is never – ever –about time. In spite of all the time management tools and techniques with which we're bombarded daily, we don't seem to be improving on the efficiency with which we live our lives.

Each of us has three options: increase the amount of available time we have, reduce the number of tasks we choose to engage in or change the amount of time we spend on a task (i.e., efficiency and productivity). Our common strategy is to rob Peter to pay Paul. Self-defeating trade-offs usually result in giving up what we need most, e.g., exercise, "me" time, sleep, personal growth, healthy relationships, etc. The result commonly is stress and stress-related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and addiction in its various forms.


1. Understand how and why doing the right thing results in a clear, purposeful path to success and well-being
2. Understand how and why doing things in the right way leads to increased productivity, focus and efficiency
3. Understand how and why 100% productivity supports one to experience less stress, and a greater sense of well-being - mentally, physically, emotionally, and psychologically
4. Understand how and why a life purpose facilitates the choices and decisions we make that allow us to manage use time more self-responsible
5. Understand the research explaining how and why multitasking is the greatest obstacle to efficient and effective time management

Take aways:

1. Greater awareness about what gets in the way, specifically, of our managing time effectively and self-responsibly
2. Understanding of how and why our capacity to say "no" to distractions (e.g., people, tasks, activities…) supports our mental, physical and emotional health and well-being.
3. Time management is never about time.
4. One of the best performance enhancement tools is – sleep
5. The most important asset we have to get things done is energy, not time.

Audience: Those whose efficiency, productivity and well-being are adversely affected by their inability or unwillingness to deal with, and manage time in an effective, efficient and self-responsible manner.