How We Begin

Working with Peter is a partnership. He conducts one-on-one coaching in person and remotely. He also conducts a men’s support group in Atlanta.


The coaching process begins with an initial 90 - minute Exploratory Conversation in which you will know if my coaching process is right for you.

During our session you will:
- Share what's not working in your life;
- Describe your visions of what you'd like your future to be like;
- Indicate the milestones that let you know you're moving towards your visions;
- Describe the obstacles that can/might get in your way of progress;  describe how you will deal with these obstacles; and
co-create with me an action plan that will move you forward towards actualizing your visons.

During our session, I will:
- Describe my process – tools, techniques, practices and procedures – we will use to support your coaching journey; and
- Collaborate with you to create an initial action plan that will start you on your way.

Coaching anywhere in the world

True North Partnering coaches clients world-wide. If you are in the Atlanta area, we can conduct coaching sessions face-to-face. For those outside of the Atlanta area, our sessions are conducted on the phone and Skype, at a mutually convenient time.

From Munich, Germany:
"I have been conducting an extremely rewarding and effective phone coaching process with Peter Vajda for many years.
I am living and working in Munich, Germany, and Peter always was a wonderful support for any personal and business issues which came up over the years.
The fact that we never met personally but do follow our coaching process via Skype is not at all a hindrance, but rather an asset. Phone Coaching is wonderfully time efficient and perfectly matches my busy schedule as an entrepreneur. I highly appreciate the flexibility and ease of these phone coaching sessions. For me phone coaching is definitely as effective as face-to-face-coaching. Maybe even more effective, as phone coaching offers a feeling of privacy and a distraction-free atmosphere, where I totally concentrate on the solution finding process for my issues.
I highly recommend Peter Vajda as a reliable and emphatic personal and business coach, and mentor.”
Monika B. Paitl, Owner of a PR-Agency, Munich, Germany.

Read what business professionals are saying.

Read what people are saying about how their life at home / in relationship has changed.

Read what people are saying about how their lives have changed.

Atlanta Men’s Group: Community of Men Circle

For the many years we’ve been coaching men — single men, men in relationships, divorced and separated men, happy men, not-so-happy men, successful men and not-so-successful men, men with a vision and men without a vision. There's been one notable area that consistently arises during the coaching process, namely, how men feel about themselves at home, at work, and at play — i.e., men's relationships with their own feelings — their perceptions and feelings about themselves, who they are and how they are in relationship with other men, and with the women in their lives.

The purpose of this Community of Men Circle is a personal growth series of experiential sessions. We share, explore and discover together. This group is designed to support and help one another in learning new ways to be — socially, personally, and professionally in our relationships. It provides an opportunity to explore in an emotionally safe, supportive, and trusting environment.

The Community of Men Group meets in Atlanta, once a month. There is a $5 contribution for each session. It's an on-going process with no ending date. Groups are limited to no more than 10 participants.


Additional new group starts will be announced here.