Peter Vajda Ph.D., C.P.C., Chief Guide

“For much of my life, I was living someone else's vision, someone else's purpose, someone else's dreams — ping-ponging off a different "someone else" depending on the life-work decision of the day. I knew that I would never experience true and real meaning in my life — at work, at home or at play — until I discovered and explored my inner Heart and my Core Values, and learned how to access my Internal Source of Wisdom which gives me Right Knowing, Right Action and Right Understanding.”

Far more than a coach, Peter is a thought leader and a passionate pioneer in the field of integrative functioning and human development.  For over 25 years, Peter has applied his deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, mind, heart and soul. His work is dedicated to the consciously-lived experience which leads to an individual's higher functioning and personal evolution. He is sensitive, intuitive, direct, goal-oriented, passionate, energetic and highly supportive. He draws upon a wide range of experience in working with the "whole body" including psychodynamics, ego psychology, as well as energy exercises and breathwork.

Peter also brings a broad and diversified base of professional expertise, as an entrepreneur, an award-winning educator, a facilitator, a speaker, and a manager. He is known for his grounded, experiential and practical coaching style which focuses on real-world solutions.

Continual growth is important for Peter in his own life. For over 25 years, his commitment to his own personal and spiritual development has led him to participate in a wide variety of growth endeavors including: the study of Reiki (Peter is a Reiki Master) and HeartMath. In addition to his daily running, Peter is a practitioner of Dahn Yoga and Tai Chi and enjoys creating personal videos which you can view HERE.